driftwood light collage

Jackson Faulkner


I have always been fascinated with the properties of light. I received the gift of a glass prism when I was no more than five or six years old. When the invisible universe was made visible on that first sunny day I held the prism to the sun - and the rainbow spectrum spilled onto my clothes, shoes and the ground around me - I was utterly transfixed. And I still am today...


Over the years through my emphasis in visual arts as a graduate of the Paris School of Neon in Kansas City, Missouri, a career in neon art and signage and now embracing new technologies in LED and fiber optics,  I am making a new universe visible that was previously unseen.


Ambient Light Collages:

By exploring the interaction of color-blended LEDs with the multi-faceted surfaces of natural driftwood, each creation evokes a powerful visual and emotional response with the viewer. Each piece also has it's own energy that shows itself during the creative process. Some are intense and vibrant; others are calm and meditative. I neither add to nor subtract to the surface of the driftwood - only highlight the inherent natural beauty as I find it on the beach.


My hope is to convey a new sense of wonder in our natural world around us.